New Explainer Video!

So yea, I’m a bit late to the explainer video party but better late than never, right?!

I’m a big fan of creative and engaging content, so when I did a little bit of research on explainer videos and their benefits, I was instantly sold.

Here’s why:

  • explainer videos force simplicity – they are a no-nonsense approach to communicating your message (what your business is and its benefits);
  • they are creative – which is awesome, considering I’m fundamentally a creative person;
  • they increase audience engagement and client conversion by a reputed 20%

My mission is to make 3D Visualisation accessible and affordable, therefore incorporating an animated explainer video in my marketing underpins the accessibility element, as this method of communication is very engaging and should help alleviate any fears that potential clients might have about the 3D Visualisation process.

Considering I’m a startup business, I wanted to avoid outsourcing costs, so instead of commissioning the explainer video, I created it myself.  Not too shabby, if I don’t mind saying so myself!  My biggest fear was the voice over.  The Northern Irish accent is quite monotone (but seriously, who actually LIKES hearing their own voice anyway??!) but I gave myself a pep-talk and just got on with it.

42 voice over takes later, I had myself a professional looking explainer video, which can be viewed on my About page.

Check it out!

If you would like an explainer video for YOUR business, to communicate your services and increase customer engagement contact us!

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