SketchUp Online Course Update!

We’ve all had them.  Those light bulb moments when we’re slicing an onion, catching up on the ironing (not me, I don’t iron…EVER), or brushing our teeth.  I had one of those moments recently, when I had this cosmic idea of putting together an online course to teach Interior Designers how to create their own floor plans using SketchUp.

I can create a floor plan with my eyes closed but it’s not something I do very often as part of my 3D Visualisation service.  But I know, from my background in Interior Design, that floor plans are central to the interior design process and when facilitating discussion with clients (including tradesmen and sub-contractors).

To get a sense of how desirable a course of this nature would be, I typed up a quick survey, wrote a blog post and shared it on social media.

To my amazement, the response has been flippin’ astounding!

To date, I have 46 peeps interested in signing up to my online SketchUp course!  How awesome is that?!  And the number increases daily!  Crazy amazing!

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If you are reading this and haven’t completed the survey yet, click here to change your life forever!

I’ve been paying close attention to the results of the survey and the findings to date, indicate that a staggering 60% of respondents (a mixture of Interior Designers, Home Staging professionals and Interior Design students), currently create floor plans by hand.

Whilst this is an art form in itself, and requires much skill and practice, there ARE easier, quicker and downright PAINLESS ways to create a floor plan.  I’ve created hand drawn floor plans myself in the past, it ISN’T fun when you make a mistake, or need to revise the furniture layout.  The novelty of creating hand drawn plans wears off FAST, especially in a digital world, that wants everything yesterday!

With my online SketchUp tutorials, you will be able to create floor plans accurately, make revisions quickly and present your plans to scale in digital and/or print format.  This will be transformative for your entire design process but also for the level of service you’ll be providing to clients.

I promised you an update, so here goes:

  • I am 100% going ahead with creating the online SketchUp course!  The results from the survey have been so encouraging that I’d be crazy not to!
  • This SketchUp course is for ANYONE involved in the interiors industry.  Which includes Interior Designers, Interior Decorators, Interior Architects, Interior Stylists, Home Stagers and students of Interior Design.
  • The course will be delivered via video tutorials, using screen capture software (see my marketing video below, where I used the screen capture software to record the editing of the floor plan).  This means as a student, you will be able to see exactly how to use the SketchUp interface and various tools AND you’ll be able to follow along.

  • I will be making the course available in chapters, so that you can choose subject areas specific to your needs.  However, I will be offering a special discount for the purchase of the entire course.  I will also be offering discount from the silver and gold tiers of my 3D Visualisation service for students who refer the online course (and where the referral results in a purchase).  There will also be a special discount of the gold tier for students who purchase the entire course.
  • The course will be delivered using the Windows version of SketchUp.
  • There will be AWESOME pre-constructed 2D components for students to download in the relevant chapters.  For example, pre-constructed sofas, chairs, windows, doors etc.  These will be included in the price of the chapter.
  • I will be providing one-to-one email support (within a specific timeframe) for every student who signs up to the course (whether it’s one chapter or the entire course).  I still need to figure out the total number of hours of support I will provide.
  • I’ve taken on board all of the feedback from the survey, regarding the price of the course (and individual chapters) and will confirm this once the course is ready to be piloted.
  • I’m going to pilot the course before it is officially launched and will probably ask 3 people to test the entire course contents.  There will be a generous 30% discount off the total price!!
  • I’m waiting on the delivery of a very special microphone so that I can deliver the tutorials clearly and professionally.  As soon as it arrives, I will start the process of recording the tutorials.  Exciting!!
  • I’m going to set up a (closed) Facebook Group for this online SketchUp course, so that all students can take part in discussion, learn little tips  ‘n’ tricks, support each other and share their progress of using SketchUp (there’s nothing more satisfying than creating your first floor plan on SketchUp, so I’m hoping to see lots of screenshots of student floor plans!!!  HIGH FRICKIN’ FIVE!).  It’s all part of making contacts, sharing experiences and adding value, right?!

If you have any queries, or would like to provide feedback on the points above, leave a comment below!

I’m.  So.  Excited.

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  1. AQ Interior says:

    Looking forward! Thanks Anita for sharing the knowledge.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dawn Gepfert says:

    Can’t wait! This has been on my to do list! There are lots of Sketch Up tutorials but it would be great to have some that are geared specifically to interiors and that work flow process.

    Liked by 1 person

    • anitabrown3d says:

      Hi Dawn! You’re going to love this particular course! I’m going to show you all the necessary workflows and techniques to create accurate floor plans in no time! Don’t forget to complete my survey to be kept in the loop for the official launch!


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