Fab Five Autumn Sale!

Everyone loves a bargain, which is why we’ve decided to run our first ever special offer for watercolour illustrations, for the Weddings and Events industry.

With the same attention to detail, and high level of realism, we’re offering five lucky Wedding Planners/Event Designers the chance to snap up a 3D visual of their design concept for a jaw dropping £185.  This watercolour illustration will convey all of the various design elements including, table layout, floral arrangements, lighting, table decorations and most importantly, within the context of the venue.


The first five individuals to contact us, confirming they would like to avail of this amazing special offer, will be scheduled into our workflow based on the urgency of their project.

This is an unbelievable opportunity to accurately communicate your vision for an event to your client, and provides a high level of reassurance that you have met the agreed client brief.

*Terms and Conditions:

  1.  Image resolution of final 3D visual will be 1596 x 724.
  2.  Complex and intricate architectural elements of the venue may incur an additional charge.
  3.  A preview of the final 3D model/camera angle will be provided for approval and if necessary, minor revisions can be made (e.g. repositioning of furniture).  However major revisions (e.g. additional 3D modeling) will incur charges.
  4.  A 50% deposit must be received prior to commencement of commission.
  5. The commission will commence once all of the necessary information has been received.

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