I think of my steadily increasing collection of animations as a creative extension to my 3D Visualisation work.  They provide a more entertaining and and light-hearted glimpse into my 3D world but are also a quirky marketing tool to help promote my 3D Visualisation service.  The overall objective of these little creative gems is to highlight the fascinating world of 3D modelling and photo-realistic rendering and hopefully encourage Designers to make more use of this ridiculously accurate and inspiring visual tool when presenting their designs to clients.

I’ve received feedback from many Designers who have used my 3D Visualisation service with stories of how utterly impressed, astounded and inspired their clients were, when presented with photo-realistic images of how their personal space could look.  The benefits of providing a client with such a high standard of realism and therefore reassurance, cannot be underestimated.

I hope you find my animations a creative and inspiring snapshot of the fascinating world of 3D Visualisation!


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