NAWP Interview And Other News

This week has been a hive of activity (mental note: GET a diary).

Isn’t it strange how some weeks seem so ‘ugh’ and others seem so ‘HURRAH’!

But I gotta be honest, I’ve been making things happen over the last while and when you take specific action to achieve tangible results, you WILL reap the rewards.


Market research, branding, networking, more research, promotion, social media activity…I’ve been doing all of it.  But then, I have to, ‘cos the buck stops with me.

On the marketing front, my Ulster Tatler Interiors 3D Challenge has proven to be a MASSIVE hit.  And my blog post on managing client expectation when it comes to the value of my 3D Visualisation service was HUGE.

Thankfully, the feedback I’ve received on my Spring Wedding 3D visual has been immense! Phew!

Spring Wedding Final

But THIS week, there were three noteworthy events.

First of all, I’ve had my first ever interview and it was published in the blog of the highly reputable National Association of Wedding Professionals (NAWP).  This is a great way to increase the visibility of my service for the weddings industry but it’s also a cosmic form of endorsement and THAT’S more than I could hope for.National Association of Wedding Professionals

Click here to read this interview and learn more about how I enhance the design services of Wedding Planners.

The next best thing to happen this week, was THIS.

Business Eye First Trust Bank Small Business Awards 2016

Click on the image to see the entire shortlist for 2016 (my category is small business marketing award)!

I want to say that I greeted my congratulatory email with a ‘whatever’ shrug.

But I didn’t.

I kinda hugged my laptop and skipped out of my apartment to buy myself a congratulatory latte, firmly deciding that the world, is in fact, a wonderful place.


I know, I know, I won’t allow myself to get too carried away with the notion that I might actually win.  But as this is a first for me, I’m definitely going to soak up the atmosphere and networking opportunities of the awards night.

And thirdly, I spotted gorgeous Orla Kiely bedlinen in House of Fraser today, which I’m now obsessing over.  But I just can’t decide on which design to  go for, as they’re ALL so ridiculously charming and cheery.


Wish me luck for the business awards!  This has been a GREAT week for Anita Brown 3D Visualisation!


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