We’re Teaming Up With Confetti!

It’s our mission to make 3D Visualisation accessible to a wide range of Creative disciplines, including the Wedding Planning industry.

This is completely and utterly achievable due to the versatility of 3D Visualisation and the nature of wedding planning, where, as a Wedding Planner, you’re required to present your vision for a client’s wedding.  There’s no better or more innovative tool to communicate your ideas than 3D Visualisation.


Tyn Dwr Wedding Reception 3D Visualisation

Check out our services section for Weddings, to find out more about the benefits of using 3D Visualisation for wedding planning.

Now, onto our big news!  We want to make sure the world knows about us and our 3D services for the wedding industry, because our service really does transform and enhance the service a Wedding Planner offers.

So when we found out that the UK’s leading online wedding resource, Confetti, were running a ‘Win Your Wedding’ competition, we wanted a bit of the action!

Confetti Win Your Wedding

We’re delighted to announce that we are listed as one of the selected businesses contributing to the prize package worth up to £40,000!

Confetti Win Your Wedding Anita Brown 3D


Find out more about the Confetti, Win Your Wedding competition by clicking here.

As part of the prize package, we’re going to present the lucky winning couple with a photo-real image of their wedding reception design.

This means that the winning couple will be able to preview the room layout, chair selection, floral arrangements and table decorations of their wedding reception before the big day (we’ll make sure that the interior of the reception venue will be accurately depicted in the 3D visual too).


No need to worry unduly, about how your wedding reception will look – we’ve got it covered!

Take a look at our most recent commission for Tyn Dwr Hall, where we created photo-real 3D visuals to convey how the proposed wedding ceremony rooms and reception hall would look for a wedding celebration.

We’re so excited to be part of Confetti’s, Win Your Wedding competition and we look forward to working with the winning couple to make their wedding design for their reception a virtual reality!


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